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Deleted 2 years ago

Hello,  Yeah go for it.  It would be great to see what your kids make with it.

Does it include that 3d model for the AirShip?

No.  It's all 2D artwork.

I guess I could do an asset for the 3D model, but it's in LWO (Lightwave format).

You can publish it separately in something Blender can import. Like FBX, OBJ or 3ds. Blender is free and allow export to all kind of formats. I personally need a 3d balloon model to modify and render into an isometric sprite for my game.


As soon as I find out where I stored the master files for this asset pack, I'll update it and add the airship 3D model to it in FBX and Obj formats for you (as well as the original LWO format).  It will be a lot less messy this way and other people might get some use out of it. 


Just uploaded the update with the 3D model of the airship included for you.


Many thanks!


If you are thinking about buying it.  hold off for a day as it's going on sale for $1 during the Summer Sale event.

Can these assets be used for commercial games or projects?


Yeah,you can do pretty much anything you want with them except resell the package on (its fine to make something using them and then sell what ever you made with them).

Hope you find it useful for you.